Capturing Clear Pictures | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

When using point-and-click or smartphone cameras, one common question from people is how to get clearer images.  Do you try capturing the perfect shot, only to find that everyone is blurry?  That can be so frustrating!  Try these quick tips the next time you find yourself in a photographic moment and see if your images come out much clearer.

Tip 1 – Light up your subject.  Whether this means going outside, getting closer to a window, or moving into the available light in the room, the better lit your subject is the crisper the image will turn out.

Tip 2 – Hold still, and use both hands.  Our smartphones can be so small and lightweight that we find ourselves shooting pictures one-handed.  The movement from your hand can be a big reason for the blurriness in your images.  The next time you shoot, try holding the camera with both hands and stand very still.  You’ll be surprised what a big difference such a minor change can make!

Tip 3 – Clean your lens.  Smartphone cameras can get gunky lenses quickly from keeping them in our pockets, purses, cup holders in the car, and letting the kids play with them. Regularly clean your lens and that will help you be able to create the best and most precise images possible.

Let me know if these tips help you capture clearer pictures!

How to Elevate Your Wardrobe Instantly | Richmond Hill Photographer

If you want to elevate your wardrobe instantly, the best way is with LAYERS. As fall is peeking around the corner, consider what kind of layers you can incorporate into your upcoming senior or family session fashion options:

+ cardigans
+ vests
+ tights
+ jackets
+ knee-high boots
+ scarves

When dressing in layers, keep the following in mind:

1. Play with layer lengths: don’t have all of your layer pieces end in the same line. Longer layers underneath shorter ones can create shape and elongate your body while shorter layers under longer ones can give you a super cozy fall look.

2. Compliment your colors: make sure that the shades and tones of your outfit are complementary and don’t clash too harshly. You can always play up your outfit with fun pops of colors and patterns or stay super chic with monotone shades that highlight each other.

3. Vary your textures: keep your layers interesting by using different textures in your outfit. Leathers can cozy up with suede and wool while denim can be accented with linens and silks.

We are currently booking for FALL as we speak! We are selling out of fall high school senior and family sessions fast, but we still have a few dates left! If you’d like to schedule, drop us a line at megan@meganmyrickphotography.com and we’ll get you booked today!

Outfits to Avoid – Family Edition | Richmond Hill Family Photographer

Family portrait sessions are great fun and a perfect way to preserve your family’s love story. However, deciding what everyone should wear so that they’re comfortable, happy, and keep a cohesive look can be a whole other mission.

If you’re unsure about what you should be wearing to your session, here are the types of outfits that you might want to avoid:

  • Matchy-matchy. The days of wearing matching outfits are long gone. There are many other ways to still coordinate your outfits without them all being the same. Incorporating various shades of the same color without them being identical is one such option.
  • Bold patterns and logos. Wearing clothing that has logos or boasts bold patterns is one way to distract from everyone in the family portrait. While patterns are fine, make sure that they’re subtle. It’s best to stay away from logos and characters completely.
  • Short sleeves and pants. Family portraits always look better when you aren’t exposing too much skin as this once again distracts from people’s faces. Depending on the style of your shoot and the location (like the beach), try and keep exposed areas to a minimum and avoid shorts.
  • Bold accessories. While it’s perfectly fine to wear accessories in your family portrait, make sure that they’re subtle and won’t distract from the main subjects. Chandelier earrings and large, heavy necklaces are almost always a no-no.
  • Uncomfortable clothing. When you’re uncomfortable in your clothing, it shows up in your portraits. While you may love the new dress you bought or your son looks super cute in his new hat, if you aren’t 100% comfortable and fidgeting, it’s best to choose something else. Also be sure you can sit and move easily – if you can’t, you are limiting the number of poses your photographer can use. Be sure to check skirt and dress length before the day of your session.
  • Neon. Pops of color are great but neon clothing will almost always affect your skin tone and your portraits so it’s best to stay away from these types of items completely.
  • All white or black. When you wear an outfit that is all white or all black, you tend to lose a lot of detail in the photo that clothing would normally bring in. Wearing neutral tones is fine but try to mix it up with a different color.

Most importantly, to avoid any additional stress during the days leading up to your family session, plan ahead so that everyone can fully enjoy themselves on the day. We send a wardrobe prep guide to all our clients and urge them to send us a picture of what everyone will be wearing ahead of time. If you have questions or need help, be sure to reach out to your photographer.

Happy session day!

Samantha Senior Session | Richmond Hill Senior Photographer

Introducing the stunningly beautiful Samantha Cuson! She graduated from Richmond Hill High School last May and plans to study Marine Science. What a wonderful life full of adventure awaits you darling Sammy!

We love how the sparkly background matched her beautiful dress!

While in High School Sammy played the flute for the RHHS Marching Band. What helps to make your senior session unique to you is including all the things you love right now – your hobbies, sports interests, accomplishments, and even your car!

Sammy was also part of the RHHS JV Soccer Team!

Our boutique studio is always an option for your session, but if on-location is more your style we have several places to select from including Ft. McAllister, J.F. Gregory Park, Tivoli Marsh, Red Gate Farms, and Tybee, or Savannah, like Sam. What a blessing it is to live in such a beautiful place with so many natural backdrops for gorgeous portraits!

Savannah is always a stunning backdrop for senior portraits!

She was also the Pottery Club President and a member of the National Art Honors Society and National Honors Society.

Isn’t Samantha gorgeous?

Samantha’s favorite senior memory was winning the Grand Championship at her last band competition.

How we loved Samantha’s fun, anything goes personality. She ROCKED her session, and it shows!

The best advice she’s ever received? “Do your best and forget the rest!”

Three things on Sammy’s bucket list include diving with sharks, hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim, and finding a full Megladon tooth.

Of course, we had to include some “FUN” pictures with her love of Art!

Wishing you the best Sammy from all of us here at MMP!!

Back 2 School Portrait Event 2022 | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Traditional school portraits got you down?

MMP takes school portraiture to a whole new level! Not only will Megan spend up to 10 minutes with your child to ensure authentic engagement and real smiles, but sessions will also include a fun backdrop and props. We invite your student to bring his/her backpack and any school supplies they’d like to include in their unique session.

Where? MMP’s studio located at 10384 Ford Avenue in Richmond Hill

What’s included? Your $35 session fee is applied to the collection of your choice and includes a 10-minute session, fun backdrop picks, engaging props, and an online gallery of 3-5 images to make your selections from.

What is this year’s theme? We have a super fun red schoolhouse backdrop plus our classic traditional gray and white backdrop – a customer favorite! Props include antique desk and books, apples, globe, etc.

Are siblings allowed? You will need to purchase a separate time slot for each of your students, although we will accommodate one sibling image if time allows.

What ages are encouraged? With the choice of backdrop and props, our Back 2 School Portrait Event will easily welcome Pre-K through 8th grade. We can easily accommodate older students though, just let us know!

What is the cost? The $35 session fee may be applied to the package of your choice.

I love this! Where do I sign up? Click here to reserve your booking.

I look forward to seeing you and your students in the studio soon!