Which Season for Senior Portraits? | Richmond Hill Senior Photographer

We are often asked which season is best for senior portraits. In coastal Georgia, we are able to shoot year-round, but here are a few more tips to help you select the best season for your senior portraits.

SUMMER is excellent for seniors with fall yearbook deadlines & busy extra-curricular fall schedules like sports, practices, and meetings. It’s also the perfect season if you love crop tops, shorts, and a more tropical look to your pictures. It’s definitely not too late to get on our summer schedule, so reach out soon if you’d like to have your portraits done before school starts.

FALL is the perfect season for seniors who want warmer tones in their images & want to get their photos done before the 2nd-semester senior craziness begins. It’s also a good option for seniors who finish up with school early as these sessions usually happen earlier in the day due to daylight savings. We only have a few fall dates left, so if this season is your jam, give us a call ASAP!

WINTER is a great option for seniors who want cool weather and lots of layers in their senior pics. It’s also great for more holiday & winter-themed shoots.

SPRING is the best option for seniors who want to wait until just before their graduation to take pics, or want to include their cap and gown. It’s also great for seniors who can’t miss school for their session as these shoots tend to start later in the day due to longer daylight hours.

Class of 2023, now that you have been able to find out which season is best for you, let’s get your session booked! Email us at megan@meganmyrickphotography.com to book the perfect senior session season for you and we’ll get the process started! We are excited to work with you!

Tips for Taking a Killer Selfie | Richmond Hill Photographer

Selfies are fun and you probably have several stored on your phone. How many times have you had to take a dozen different shots just to get one that you’re happy with? Below are some easy tips that you can try the next time a selfie moment strikes.

  1. Double-check how you look. Before shooting your next selfie, give yourself a quick once over to check your makeup or for any bits of hair that might be sticking up.
  2. Check your lighting. Any good photo needs great lighting so pose in a place that is well lit or has lots of natural light.
  3. What’s in the background? We have all seen selfies where the background was filled with dirty laundry or had another person in it. Make sure that your background is flattering.
  4. Play with angles. Not everyone looks the same at different angles. Play around with what works best for you and use that going forward. Try taking photos from a left or right angle and from above. Some say that holding the camera just above your eye line is the perfect angle. You can also try angling your shoulders differently for a more flattering effect.
  5. Use your neck. To avoid any double chins, extend your neck and chin forward slightly to accentuate your neck and jawline.
  6. It’s ok to edit. Once you’re happy with the shot it’s ok to crop it or even add a *slight* filter or effect for a more unique selfie. If the background is too distracting, you can even crop it out completely.
  7. Have fun! While there is a place for your more posed selfies, don’t be afraid to get a little silly, laugh, and have fun. Take a quick shot if you happen to be doing something interesting, such as trying a new smoothie or putting on your snorkeling gear. Images that tell a story are the most interesting.

2nd Annual Glitter Portrait Sessions | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

We are incredibly excited to announce our second annual Glitter Portrait Sessions! What little girl doesn’t love sparkly glitter and a princess dress? Put those together and you’ve got pure magic!

Saturday, June 25, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Megan Myrick Photography
10384 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill, GA 31324

What is included?
This magical experience is best suited for 2 years and up and includes a 15-minute session and a princess cookie from Lovebird Cookies. You will receive an online gallery approximately two weeks after your session to make your package selection.

Are siblings allowed?
Yes! Each additional sibling is $25 with a maximum of 3 children total. This experience is recommended for children 2 years and up.

What to wear?
This session definitely calls for “princess” type dresses. Great places to purchase include Tutu Du Monde, Trish Scully, Little Palace Store, and of course, Amazon.

What is the cost?
Your $50 deposit will be applied to the package of your choice and includes a 15-minute glitter session with a princess cookie from Lovebird Cookies. Additional children are $25 up to a maximum of three. Collections begin at $75.

How do I sign up for the magic?
Click here!

A Quick Guide to Better Vacation Pictures | Richmond Hill Photographer

Whether it’s on your own or with family and friends, taking a vacation is a happy and exciting time. There is always a memorable, funny, or majestic moment to capture as you relax and unwind. Taking great pictures is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone but there are a few things you can do to ensure that you have plenty of beautiful images to remember your vacation by.

1. The moments are what matters on a vacation so try not to get the people you’re with to pose too often. Instead, focus on capturing special moments between your children or between friends. You also never know when a unique moment might present itself in your surroundings so always have your camera ready.

2. If you are looking to get some great shots of the scenery around you, it’s always best to get up early if you can. The lighting will be better earlier in the day and hopefully, there won’t be as many people around.

3. Don’t forget to take some detailed shots too. While you want to capture the scenery and be able to show others what you experienced on vacation, taking the time to focus on the smaller details can make for some amazing photos.  Whether it’s a great meal that you had or the beautiful detail on a building, try not to discount those shots. If you’re using your phone, avoid using the zoom feature though. Instead, use your feet to get closer.

4. Get a few shots of the locals and anything that might be going on around you. These shots tend to tell the best stories.

5. Who is guilty of taking a picture while still walking? I know I’ve been! To help reduce camera shake and blur, make sure to stop moving before taking the shot.

6. Sometimes you might need to pause just a moment before clicking the shutter. Waiting for people or cars to move will result in a better, more frame-worthy image. So, be patient!

7. This may seem silly, but remember to keep the lens clean on your camera. It’s very easy to accumulate dirt and grime on the camera lens, especially if you’re using your phone to take pictures. A dirty lens can cause blurry images or spots in your images, so be sure to wipe it with a microfiber cloth for best results.

8. Your onboard camera or phone flash only illuminates a few feet in front of the camera and rarely looks natural (or good), as it will create harsh and unflattering shadows. For most vacation shots it’s best to stick with natural light.

9. As a professional photographer I understand wanting to capture the memories and create keepsake images – they are valuably important. But don’t forget you’re on vacation. Put the phone down and live in the moment!

Have a great vacation!

How to Preserve & Organize Your Printed Pictures | Richmond Hill Photographer

While most of us possess hundreds if not thousands of digital photos, most people still have countless printed photographs lying around the house.

In order to preserve these precious memories, it helps to know how best to organize and store them so that you and your family can keep them safe and easily accessible. It would be a shame to lose family portraits that have been passed down through the generations, which is why proper storage is so important.

Below are some suggestions for organizing and storing your printed pictures.

Keep climate in mind when choosing a storage space. Spaces such as basements and attics that experience major fluctuations in temperature are not the right places to store images. Instead, choose closets or cabinets that are in climate-controlled areas of your home.

Avoid the ground. Elements such as water become a concern when you store your pictures on the ground. Plus, there is a much higher chance of them being damaged by falling objects, people, pets, or pests.

Keep your portraits properly enclosed. Dust, sunlight, and pests can all damage your memories if they are not properly enclosed in a box, frames, or plastic folders.

Use dividers. Once pictures start aging, they can stick together, which leads to permanent damage once you need to pull them apart. While it might seem like extra work, place non-acidic dividers in between your pictures to prevent this from happening.

Do get rid of adhesives. If you have any pictures that are stored in albums that require adhesives, it’s best to remove them and place them in an album that contains acid-free sleeves or protectors to prevent damage in the long run.

Organize portraits according to dates and events. In the same way that you file your digital photos according to year, month, and event, do the same with your printed images so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Stick an inventory list on the front of each photo box for ease of reference.

Spending time organizing and storing your printed pictures may not seem like the ideal way to spend a weekend but you will thank yourself for it later.