Sugar Sweet Two-Year Old | Richmond Hill, GA Family & Child Photographer

This sweet girl and her parents came to see me to celebrate Miss A.’s 2nd birthday. Two-year olds, as most of you know, always walk to the beat of their own drummer. Thankfully Miss A.’s beat was right in step with mine and we managed to capture a bunch of sweet memories for this awesome family.

Exhibit One:

Notice Miss A.’s baby toes … seriously, I swoon.

Kiddos always love this pose, but especially the 2-year variety … Really, is there a better place to be?

Hey, if you don’t have the real thing, wooden cupcakes are a great substitute! Plus you can mix-and-match ’em!

Gosh, I just love this big ‘ole natural smile! Isn’t she seriously the cutest?

Remember those adorable toes I mentioned? Yup. I just had to capture them up close.


Mom & Dad, you two were such a great team and I loved working with the three of you. Thanks so much for finding your way to me, even if that path was a bit curvy! Best of luck!!!

Just a Curly Girl | Waynesville, MO Child Photographer

Another one of my newbies is 6 months old. Sigh. Seriously, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. STOP IT!

(S. thinks this is very funny).

Babies always love my “big kid” chair. It is pretty cool.

Babies and baby toes. LOVE! Is there seriously anything more precious? I think not!

I am pretty sure this is my favorite image from her session. Do you see those gorgeous eyes? And that HAIR!!!

Happy 6 months, big girl! You just get cuter & cuter every time I see you!

To S’s Mama – you know how much I adore the 3 of you … always such a pleasure! I will miss you all so much and it pains me to think of not watching baby girl grow up.

Birthday Kiddos | Waynesville, MO Child Photographer

I met this family 6 months ago, purely by chance, but will be forever grateful for the events that led them to me. It is hard to believe that this gorgeous little man is 6 months old already, and big sister is now 5! This family is always so amazing to work with, and their beautiful children just love the camera (or maybe I should say the camera loves them?)

Ummm, such a lovely, lovely girl. No joke.

See what I mean by handsome? Swoon! (Mom always brings the cutest clothes, too).

Future model? I think so … such a natural!

If you’re happy and you know it flap your arms!

We were laughing so hard … I love this age because their emotions are just SO BIG!

I have always been a sucker for dimples. His are no exception.

And yes, Mama ordered this big. 🙂

To Mom, thanks again for bringing your sweet, precious babies to see me. You know how much I love to work with you. Hope we are able to squeeze in one more visit before I leave.

Sweet as Sugar | Waynesville, MO Child Photography

I had such a wonderful time with this sweet little girl and her family!

Both mom & dad serve our country, so of course we had to sport TWO pairs of boots.

6 month sessions are probably one of my favorites … love their sweet curiosity …

… and surprised expressions …

Just LOVE her!

Mom & Dad, thank you so much for bringing sweet Miss K. to me. I had an amazing time during your session! 🙂