Baby A. |Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer

It’s no secret newborns are among some of our favorite clients to photograph. Handsome Baby A. was no exception.

A tisket, a tasket, a sweet baby in a basket. 😉

Our large prop closet has a variety of baskets, bowls, boxes, etc. to help create a custom session just for your precious baby.

And yes, we will capture the grumpy faces, too.

I love that Baby A. looks so snuggly and peaceful in this pose.

Most babies LOVE to be swaddled, and we complete a large majority of our sessions with baby completely swaddled.

Bonnet or no bonnet? We can’t decide…He’s adorable either way!

We are honored that Lori and Joe chose us to capture some of Andrew’s early moments in this world.

Baby B. is ONE! | Richmond Hill, GA Child Photographer

Turning one is always a big deal and we love that we get to capture and be part of the fun!

Baby B. loved being in front of the camera and celebrating her first trip around the sun.

Siblings are the greatest friends we have in life! Baby B. and her brother are extremely close and he is incredibly patient and gentle with her.

Bella’s outfit and this backdrop perfectly show her personality! This little one is a ray of sunshine!

What’s not to love about this set up! Turning 1 is just as fun and magical as a unicorn.

Smash cake created by our favorite, Ates’ Bakes and Cakes.

We know Baby B.’s future is sure to be bright, beautiful and full of fun! We are so thrilled we got to capture the monumental moment for her!

Sweet Baby B. | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

As a child photographer, 6 month sessions are some of my favorite to photograph. Baby’s personality is really starting to shine and smiles are usually overflowing. This time also captures another important milestone, sitting independently, which most littles are more than happy to show off! Baby B. was definitely no exception, with his energetic, contagious smile and heartwarming charm.

Love this image of little Baby B. in his suspenders on this bed, a popular prop with our newborn and milestone clients.

Our studio has a large curated wardrobe and prop closet to help make your session come to life.

Hello! Can you say CHEESE!! This image just makes my heart melt!

Capturing his playful personality was as fun as playing with blocks (another popular item with our one and younger crowd).

1, 2, 7, 6… I mean, who’s counting with all this cuteness?

That smile, who could resist?

Thank you, Gorton family, for choosing MMP to help document B.’s story on his first trip around the sun. Can’t wait to see y’all again soon.

5th Annual Love Your Pet Event | Richmond Hill Family Photographer

Yay! We here at MMP are so excited to announce the 5th annual “Love your Pet” event! And how do we like to celebrate the month of love?

With pets, of course!

We are excited to be supporting the SD Gunner Fund for the second year in a row.

(Please scroll below the image to sign up for our fundraising event!)

The SD Gunner Fund was created to assist Veterans and disabled children with the financial expense of owning much needed service animals. Service Animals require a variety of necessary items in order to perform their service. Those items can include but are not limited to: vests, custom harnesses, other assistance items, veterinary visits, and more. Service dogs are trained to support individuals with mobility, hearing, psychiatric, and brain/neurological disabilities. These dogs are professionally trained to meet the individual needs of their partner and completes tasks such as opening doors, picking up dropped objects, assisting with daily dressing, or pulling a manual wheelchair. The SD Gunner Fund can also assist Veterans and disabled children with a variety of “other” financial assistance if needed.

Here are the details about the 5th annual Love your Pet Event!

When? Saturday, February 8th from 10:00 – 3:00

Where? MMP’s RH studio, 10384 Ford Avenue in Richmond Hill

What is included? Session fee includes a 15-20 minute session for one pet ($10 per additional), an online gallery, and a treat for your favorite companion! Portraits are a separate purchase and collections begin at $25. Please note that all session fees and 10% of each collection purchased will be donated to the SD Gunner Fund.

Are multiple pets allowed? Yes! Your $25 session fee includes one pet. Please let us know if you will be bringing more than one, each additional is $10. All session fees will be donated to SD Gunner Fund. If you would like more time, please purchase two time slots.

What do I need to bring? Yourself, your pet (of course), your pet’s favorite treat/snack/lovey. If your pet is a fashionista, feel free to bring an accessory or two. In addition, all dogs must be on a leash.

Fine print? For the safety of all involved, your pet must be up to date on all vaccinations, be able to follow basic voice commands (sit, stay), be fully house trained, and friendly around all other people and animals. The only exception allowed is for puppies who are still learning voice commands and working on house training.

How should I prepare for my pet’s session? Please consider having your pet groomed a day or two before the session – don’t forget to clip those toenails! Remember that a tired pet is a happy pet, so please walk, run, or play with your pet about 30 minutes before the session. While I do ask all owners to bring their pet’s favorite treat, they will be used as a last resort to capture your pet’s attention. With that in mind, please do not feed your pet within an hour of their scheduled shoot.

How do I sign up for the fun? Click here to reserve your booking!

“If having a soul means being able to feel love, and loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” (James Herriot)

Images from past events

Hope to see you (and your pets) soon!!

Madison | Richmond Hill, GA Maternity Photographer

This beautiful mommy-to-be was a pure joy. We had the pleasure of meeting Madison and Dusty when they first came to Wonderfully Made Ultrasounds to get a sneak peek of their little one.

Madison looked stunning in this beautiful red dress from our curated wardrobe.

This land has been in Dusty’s family for years and was the perfect backdrop to compliment Madison’s beauty.

Exquisite beauty! Seriously she is gorgeous!

Such a fun way to showcase their little boy’s name. JOHN!!

Nothing sweeter than Madison and some country air

Thank you Madison for choosing MMP to capture this special time in your life.