April 2017 Newsletter | Megan Myrick Photography

Welcome to April’s Newsletter! The family and I spent our afternoon after church starting to prep for spring adventures¬†… sweeping off the porch, washing patio furniture, and hanging new ferns. Spring is one of my favorite seasons (next to fall). Earlier this morning I had the windows open, listening to the birds chirp and letting all the fresh air in … it’s so good for the soul! What do you enjoy about spring?

Inside This Issue- April 2017 | Megan Myrick Photography | www.meganmyrickphotography.com

I wanted to thank everyone who came out on Saturday for our annual Petite Spring Portrait event! We had a wonderful time welcoming both veteran and new clients to the studio. Sad you missed it? Not to worry! Our 4th annual Mommy and Me sessions will be held next month, on Sunday, May 7th. Be sure to mark your calendar! These sessions are another crowd favorite and sell out quickly!

If you firmly believe MMP is the best photographer in Bryan County we’d appreciate your vote! The Best of Bryan voting is now open and your support would be fantastic! Please click the link below. ūüôā

Best of Bryan Voting

Other local favorites of ours? Check out the list! Perhaps you’ll find a new place to try!

The Slide Shop,¬†Charlie Grainger’s,¬†Bubba’s Bistro,¬†Omelette Cafe, Waystation Coffee Company, Ice Cream Stop

KTM’s Sew Much Baggage, Ella’s, Tech Smart, Let’s Create, Cloud 10 Salon, Whole Health|Inner Balance, Tim & Dave’s Nursery, Cedar Animal Hospital, Leahy Art Gallery

Dr. Dority (dentistry), Dr. Vaught (orthodontics), Lesley Frances PR, Randy Bocook Real Estate Team, Teresa Cowart Realty

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! There is quite the abundance of talent and resources here in RH!!

And in case you missed March’s newsletter, please click here.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Myrick clan! Meet Mille, a 3 month old lab mix we rescued from GARD two weekends ago. She’s the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy, and is a fun-loving companion for our other rescue, Farrah. ūüôā

Richmond Hill Family Photographer | Megan Myrick Photography | www.meganmyrickphotography.com

Mark your calendars! Be sure to check the website and/or social media for any MMP events.

Easter Extravaganza¬†–¬†Saturday, April 15th at JF Gregory Park at 11:00

Spring Break РApril 17-21

Tiny Clicks – Saturday, April 29th from 9:30-12:30

4th Annual Mommy & Me Sessions РSunday, May 7 from 2:00 Р6:00

Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser – Friday, May 12th from 6:30 – 8:30

Last day of School  РWednesday, May 24th

MMP Celebrates 6 Years! – July 2017

Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn with MMP РWednesday, July 26

Back 2 School Portrait Event – Aug/Sep TBD

Santa Experience – November 3, 4, & 5 at the RH City Center

Interested in booking or session or receiving more information on one? Click here¬†and select the “Contact” tab.

Are you looking for a creative way to hang your professional pictures? Making a canvas out of them could be the right answer for you! Canvases are a beautiful way to turn your pictures into a piece of art, if done correctly. Many websites and companies offer canvases for cheap, which may seem like a wonderful option, but remember you get what you pay for. Specific companies are able to price canvases low because they make them quickly with sub-standard materials. This production model does definitely save you money, but most canvases created in this way end up fading, breaking easily, being printed incorrectly, or losing the professional quality your photographer spent a great deal of time putting into your images. In truth, the best route is to actually go through your photographer- whether you order canvases directly from them, or if he/she has good advice on where to order your own. Professional photographers know which companies produce quality work, and will help make your experience one that lasts.

MMP’s canvases are printed with archival inks and, if properly cared for, are guaranteed to last almost 100 years.

Canvas 1 | Megan Myrick Photography | www.meganmyrickphotography.com

When using point and click or smart phone cameras, the number one complaint from people is how to get clearer images. Do you find yourself trying to capture the perfect shot, only to find that everyone in the shot is blurry? That can be so frustrating. Try these quick tips the next time you find yourself in a photographic moment and see if your images come out much clearer!

Tip 1 – Light up your subject. Whether this means going outside, going closer to a window, or moving into the available light in the room, the better lit your subject is the crisper the image will turn out.

Tip 2 РHold still, and with both hands. Our smart phones can be so small and lightweight that we find ourselves shooting pictures one handed. The movement from your hand can be a big reason for blurriness in your images. The next time you shoot, try holding the camera with both hands and holding it very still. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

Tip 3 РClean your lens. Smart phone cameras can get gunky lenses quickly when we keep them in our pockets, purses, cup holders in the car, and let the kids play with them.   Regularly clean your lens and you will be able to create the best and clearest images possible.

Get Clear Pictures | Megan Myrick Photography | www.meganmyrickphotography.com


Looking for a healthy, fulfilling snack? Regularly snacking on nuts not only satisfies cravings, but can also extend your life by positively contributing to your body’s needs. There are so many reasons why nuts should be included in your diet, here are just a few of the benefactors:

  1. They contain ‚Äúhealthy fats‚ÄĚ that your body needs
  1. They replace high calorie snacks like chips
  1.  Nuts have a good source of protein

The next time you are reaching for a bag of chips to snack on, try grabbing a bag of almonds, cashews or pistachios instead and do something good for your body.

Nutty, But True Image | Megan Myrick Photography | www.meganmyrickphotography.com

Have a wonderful month, friends! Happy Easter!

Petite Spring Sessions 2017 | Megan Myrick Photography

With beginning of the year school pictures¬†in you rearview mirror¬†and the busyness of summer fast approaching, spring is the perfect time to update your child’s portrait!

(Scroll below images for more information).

Petite Spring Sessions | www.meganmyrickphotography.com

When? Saturday, April 1, 2017 (and it’s no joke!)

Where?¬†MMP’s lovely new studio, 128 Frances Meeks Way, Suite 3 in Richmond Hill. Right off Ford Avenue, across from the new Catholic church.

What’s included?¬†All-inclusive fee includes a 20 minute session, use of studio’s exclusive props, a digital Easter card for social media sharing, and 5 digital images with print release. Additional products will be available for purchase.

When will I receive my images? Digital images will be delivered to you before Easter. Any additional product purchases will be available for pickup at the studio within two weeks of final order date.

What’s this year’s theme? The backdrop this year is a fresh yellow polkadot. Props will include flowers, easter eggs, and nests.

Are siblings allowed? Yes, sessions may include up to 2 siblings, $10 per additional sibling. Please note, these sessions are best suited for children ages 6 months – 8 years.

What is the cost? The all-inclusive cost is $125 plus tax.

I love this! Where do I sign up? Click here to reserve your booking.

See you soon!

Melissa EscribanoMarch 22, 2017 - 3:41 pm

Hi Megan,

I have 5 year old twins that I would like to sign up. Is 10am available?

Thank you!!

leighMarch 22, 2017 - 11:58 pm

Hi Misy!

The 10 am slot is already taken, but it looks like you’ve booked a session for your boys at noon. I look forward to seeing you! ūüôā

March 2017 Newsletter | Megan Myrick Photography | Richmond Hill Photographer

Welcome to your March newsletter and yay! March is finally here!! The beginning of spring and also my birthday month (hollah!) I know Savannah is gearing up for the HUGE St. Patrick’s Day parade that will be taking place here weekend after next. Did you know that ours is the second largest parade in the world? But alas, with two young kids, the hubs and I still haven’t actually made it to the parade, but we thoroughly enjoy seeing all of our friends’ photos from the event! How about you? Are you brave enough to venture downtown to celebrate?

Wow, wow!! A huge thank you to all of you who voted me as your favorite Bryan County photographer! I am so honored and hope you know how much this award means to me! Thankful I was able to share the evening with my sweet friend, Tanya. Thanks for being my date! ūüôā

To see all the amazing winners, please click here.

And just in case you missed them, here are a few recent blog posts.

What’s In My Camera Bag?

Be Your Brand?

Mark your calendars! More information will be forthcoming. Be sure to check the website and/or social media for all the details.

Petite Spring Sessions – Saturday, April 8th from 9-2

Tiny Clicks – Saturday, March 29th from 9:30-12:30

4th Annual Mommy & Me Sessions – Sunday, May 7th from 2-6.

As your photographer, I spend a great deal of time working on your images – shooting, culling, and editing them to look their best and to be a lovely presentation of your session.¬†It is my work of art and I have a specific way that I want your portraits to be represented. ¬†I won’t lie, it’s tough to see¬†my images¬†printed at big box stores like Walgreens or Walmart. Here‚Äôs the reality; while you may get lucky once in a while, those labs¬†are all controlled by a computer and perhaps¬†a person¬†with¬†minimal training sitting¬†behind a desk mindlessly clicking a button. The printers are rarely calibrated and most generic labs have an ‚Äúautocorrect‚ÄĚ button that works about as well as autocorrect on your phone. ¬†That “one size fits all” preset can end up giving gorgeous black and white images a weird blue hue or stunning color portraits overly saturated reds.

Truth is that as your photographer, I have done the research and actually have access to some of the best print labs in the world. ¬†Many of these labs are only available to professional photographers and we have a great relationship with them! ¬†These studios do nothing but print on the finest paper with the finest ink, and a technician looks at each individual portrait to make sure that what is printed is exactly what I ordered. I’ve even received calls from my labs when they believe I’ve made an error! In addition, my computer monitor is calibrated to match each print lab’s printers, so I already know how your image will look before it is¬†printed. Yes, we do charge a premium for our print prices compared to what you could get at the big box stores, but we also present archival quality portraits that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren … and if properly cared for, will last a lifetime. ¬†I fully believe in quality over quantity. ¬†As your photographer, I’d love the opportunity to¬†sit down and show you some options!

Can you see the difference?

It‚Äôs that time of year again! ¬†Spring always makes me want¬†to open up the windows and air out the house! ¬†As you raise those blinds, I bet you’ll find dirty fingerprints and some nasty winter grime. Below are a few¬†tips and tricks to do some quick clean-up to prepare for the wonderful season ahead!

  1. Use a coffee filter to wash your windows; it actually helps to cut down on lint and leaves your windows streak free!
  1. For scary window sills, sprinkle baking soda in the grooves¬†and then follow up with a little bit of vinegar. ¬†Remember the volcano experiment when you were a kid? ¬†Turns out our time in chemistry wasn’t wasted! Once the fizzles are gone,¬†simply wipe with a clean cloth.
  1. Air out your mattress.  Mix baking soda with a bit of lavender essential oil and then gently sift it over the mattress. Let sit for an hour then vacuum. Your mattress has never smelled so fresh and clean!
  1. Take off your vent covers and soak them in a little soapy water in your bathtub; you’ll breathe easier!
  1. Lastly, did you know that if you dust your baseboards with a fabric softener sheet, they will actually repel dust and stay cleaner looking longer?

Let me know which cleaning tips you try!

Click here to inquire or book your session!

Have a wonderful March, friends!! Thanks for reading!

What’s In My Camera Bag?

I’m often asked what type of gear I use, so thought I’d create a blog post to share exactly what’s in my camera bag! And while it’s true that good gear does help the quality of your images, remember that knowing how to use what you have is the most important! ūüôā

1. Bag

Gear is expensive, so it’s imperative you own a bag that will not only make transport easier, but also protect the camera body and lenses. I own two different camera bags – a Canon backpack and an (oh so pretty!) bag from Kelly Moore.

This Canon backpack is perfect for sessions on location or travel. It is water resistant and with velcro compartments inside, quick and easy to reconfigure to hold 1-2 dSLR cameras, 3-4 lenses, small flash, and accessories. The front and side pockets are ideal for memory cards, cell phone, and car keys. Find yours here.

Several years¬†ago I purchased myself a Kelly Moore bag for Christmas. I love how incredibly functional this bag is, plus it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The Libby bag by Kelly Moore has been updated a bit since my purchase, as it’s now made with their new Cambrio material, which is water and abrasion resistant plus vegan friendly – which is¬†awesome! This bag comes with tons of storage, including a multitude of outside pockets, an inside sleeve for your laptop, plus 5 adjustable, padded dividers.

2. Camera Body

I own two Canon camera bodies, my main camera and then a back-up camera (just in case!).

The Canon 5D Mark iii is my main camera body. It is full frame and features exceptional still image and video recording capabilities. I love the 41 point cross-type AF points plus the Mark iii’s ability to render good quality images, even with a high ISO. This body has been in my bag for about 3 years.

Now discontinued, the Canon 7d has been in my arsenal for about 5-6 years. I shot exclusively with this body for several years before its cropped sensor became an issue for me professionally. You can still find these outstanding cameras on the internet, and it’s a wonderful workhorse, which is why I continue to keep it as my backup body. Find the Canon 7d here.

3. Lenses

I am, admittedly, not a gear hog. Camera gear is incredibly expensive, and I’ve resigned myself to only purchase a new piece when I absolutely have to. With that being said, I have 4 lenses in my bag, 3 that I use on a regular basis.

The 50mm 1.8 is the lens I recommend to all of my Tiny Clicks students. It’s affordable and a fantastic lens for the amateur or hobbyist photographer. It’s the first lens I purchased and I shot with it exclusively for several¬†years¬†until I could afford to upgrade. You simply can’t go wrong with this guy. And while it isn’t on my camera much anymore, I do keep it as a backup lens.

The 70-200mm f/2.8L lens was the first “professional” lens I purchased. I am in LOVE with this lens and it is my go-to lens for all of my outdoor and on-location sessions. With quick focus and incredibly dreamy bokeh at long distances, to me it is a must have for any professional portrait photographer.

As a professional newborn photographer, it became quickly evident that I need a macro lens to help take my newborn images to the next level. Macro lenses are intended to photograph small objects and detail up close (think newborn eyelashes, lips, or for nature lovers, insects!). The Canon 100mm f/2.8L lens was a perfect addition to my lens family. Please note, capturing beautiful macro shots is harder than it looks, and this lens definitely had a bit of a learning curve.

This Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L¬†is the last lens I purchased, about 2 years ago. I was finding that I really needed a professional lens for my studio work, as the 70-200mm is too long to use indoors. An awesome photographer friend of mine (hey, Judi!) recommended this lens and I’m so glad I listened! I adore this lens! It is incredibly versatile (perfect for my lifestyle sessions and my personal projects), and features quick and sharp focus. This lens is another true workhorse and with the exception of outdoor sessions, is on my camera 90% of the time.

4. Accessories

I’ve had great luck with these memory cards. After attending a photography workshop years ago, I only use 4 GB cards because, as the instructor so eloquently told us, it’s much better to lose 4 GB of information than 16 or 32 GB! While current technology is incredible, it certainly isn’t infallible, and the risk of a memory card going bad is real. Yikes! Take good care of your memory cards. ūüėČ

The last piece of equipment you’ll find in my camera bag is the Canon 430EX Speedlite. Another investment I made early on in my career, it has paid for itself 100x over. Not only do I use it for my personal indoor projects or personal family functions,¬†but it has been great help to me on professional sessions as well. If you’ve taken my Tiny Clicks class you know that I harp on you using the “on-board” flash built into many dSLR cameras. Using a speedlite is a terrific way to add additional light to your images with much greater control.

Well, that’s it! I’ve shown you all the pro gear I have in my bag. Thoughts? Do I have more or less gear than you were anticipating? ¬†Any suggestions for my next gear purchase? Questions? I’d love to hear from you! ūüôā

Be Your Brand? | Richmond Hill Photographer

I attended a photography conference several years ago where one of the speakers insisted that as a photographer, as a small business owner, you must constantly “be your brand.” Well heck, if that’s true, then several days out of the week my brand is a hot mess. Because truth be told, even though my Facebook statuses may suggest otherwise, sometimes I AM a hot mess.

My kids and I woke up this morning at 7:15. The bus came at 7:05. The boys’ lunches weren’t made, nor did I have any idea what to make for them. I’m almost out of bread, bananas have been gone for days, and for some reason my mom brain couldn’t¬†think of anything viable to feed them. School lunch to the rescue, hair messy and in desperate need of a cut, reheated pancakes to eat in the car, I rushed¬†them to school. Since I’m dumping lots of truth in this post right now I’ll let you know that I have about five days worth of dry shampoo in my hair and I was lucky to find matching socks for Carter. And yes, he’s wearing sweatpants. I am in old jeans and a T-shirt, not a stitch of makeup on my exhausted 40 year old face.

If you ran into me today – with my tired eyes, scary¬†hair, bare face, you might wonder about my brand. You might wonder about my business, the photographer you might hire. Because in a perfect world my kids would always have artfully¬†manicured hair, dress in spotless outfits, and never have science experiments growing¬†underneath their fingernails. In that perfect world I would be dressed to the nines daily and would never leave the house without makeup. I mean, let’s be honest – on those days when you look amazing and feel like you can conquer the world you never run into anyone, and on the days where it looks like you just rolled out of bed and fought a rooster in the process seems to be the time when you see almost everyone you know. Am I right?

In order to “be my brand” I would have to be <insert adjectives here> and I just can’t be all that on a consistent basis. Thankfully, that’s the very thing that makes this all so incredibly magical despite the¬†mess¬†– being a business owner and a mom. I get it. I understand. I am it, I’m right there with you in the trenches. I’m a mom, flying solo a whole heck of a lot due to my husband’s crazy work schedule. I’m a nurse, and a cook, a chauffeur, a judge/jury, a snuggler and wiper of tears. ¬†And I think it is so detrimental to other moms to have this facade that we always have it together, that we have all the answers. What a shame. We deal with a lot of sticky stuff, us moms. We conquer¬†homework, tantrums, and puking kids, loads upon loads of laundry, endless layers of dirt and macaroni and cheese stuck to¬†the dining room table. We vanquish monsters from under the bed and splinters from tiny fingers, doctor bleeding knees and lovingly mend broken hearts.

My brand is often described as clean, classic, timeless, fun and honest. I’d like to think that I am all those things because doesn’t she sound amazing?¬†I’d love to be her all the time, exactly like that instructor suggested we¬†do. But that isn’t real life, it isn’t true. So while I promise you will have an incredible experience with MMP, with top notch customer service, individualized attention, and superior quality of artwork that is timeless and classic and fun, I can’t promise that if you see me at the gym on a Friday morning or heck, even at Kroger, or spy me hurriedly dropping off my kids late to school on a Thursday, that you’ll recognize any of those things in me. Chances are you’ll see chaotic hair, yoga pants, and no makeup. You’ll see a mom. Just like you. Doing the best I can. And really, isn’t that the most beautiful brand of all?

KristenFebruary 17, 2017 - 2:44 pm

I’d say that, yes, you are being your brand – relatable, accepting, welcoming.

Because as much as we’d love for our family photo shoots to be laughter and bubblegum and children running joyfully with balloons, the other side of that involves tired moms who had to nag the family into getting into their coordinated clothes and kids crying for the RED balloon and dads who aren’t really sure why this needs to take up time when they’d rather be watching the game.

I don’t need your brand to be perfect, because that sounds awfully intimidating ūüėČ

leighFebruary 24, 2017 - 12:25 pm

Hi Kristen!

I love your feedback! Great perspective!