{Ice Princess} | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer


Hayle stopped me in the church hallway.  “I spoke with Rebecca’s sister and she said Rebecca and Adam have never had professional family pictures done.”

My heart lurched. Never had professional family pictures?

This statement always makes me sad … every family needs, no, deserves to have professional family portraits. At least once. Something grand to hang over the mantle or a smattering of 8x10s glittering a dimly lit hallway. As children grow and change, so do families. Their priorities, the language, expectations and nuances. One moment parents are changing diapers and the next they are frantically waving goodbye as their kindergartner boards the school bus for the first time. Fresh teeth emerge and baby teeth are lost only to be replaced by the first glimpses of adulthood. Moms and Dads go from gently tossing baseballs to a wide-legged, clumsy kid to cheering from the bleachers for their Varsity player until voices are numb.

So yes, at first my heart lurched. But then my heart soared because I was going to be their first professional photographer and that felt pretty amazing.

I don’t know about other photographers, but I absolutely love having “first time” clients. There is such a huge chasm of difference between a boutique photographer and a mall photography studio.  I adore introducing people to how relaxed, special and fun the boutique experience can be. And once you’ve tasted it, you’ll settle for nothing less.

But back to Adam and Rebecca. 🙂

When Taran and I first arrived in Georgia, one of our first priorities was to find a new church. We’d had fabulous ones at two of our previous duty stations and were wondering if we’d be able strike gold a third time. A mutual friend of ours told us about a small, young church that had established itself across from the YMCA. It was unlike any other church in town,our friend informed us, and we liked the sound of that.

Finding the right church on the first try is tough, but Taran and I beat the odds and instantly felt comfortable as soon we crossed the threshold. Our family was greeted immediately and welcomed into the fold. Nine months later and the Myricks still call The Waterfont Church home.

 And leading this uplifting, fun, tight-knit, friendly congregation?

Yup, you guessed it! Adam & Rebecca.

Their sweet little addition was born in January, my first newborn for 2014, on one of the coldest days in Georgia history. Precious Baby E. was quickly nicknamed “The Ice Princess” and I can’t think of a more fitting title. Baby E. was simply gorgeous, with soft delicate features and the most porcelain skin I’d seen on a baby.


The happy new family of 6. (although big brother N. was really hoping for a brother, lol).


Big brother N. may have been a bit disgruntled at first, but I think he’s pretty smitten.

Aren’t all of them just gorgeous?

And for the record, incredibly well behaved. Truly, the three of them were so, so good. Newborn sessions can be *ahem* a tad long. Especially for the sibling crowd.


You may not know this, but I buy at least one new item for each of my newborn sessions, so that every baby is the first to use something. A new blanket, wrap, headband or hat. In Baby E.’s session it just happened to be this stunning crown … fit for a princess. 🙂


Always a favorite. The profile.


I’d actually had this “ice” bucket for some time but never had the opportunity to use it.

Definitely a no-brainer and Baby E. seemed to love it, too. 😉


Adam and Rebecca, thank you for trusting me with your first ever professional photography session. I had such an amazing time working with the five of you. And thank you for creating a church that my family so easily calls home.

See you on Sunday.


Rebecca RickerApril 23, 2014 - 1:10 pm

Thank you so much Megan for your kind words. We have truely been blessed by your family. We are so grateful that your family is a part of ours with The Waterfront Church.You have a incredible talent in working with families and making the whole process relaxing. These pictures will be treasured for a lifetime.

{Fall Afternoon} | Richmond Hill Family Photographer


Moira has one of those absolute contagious personalities that you are instantly drawn to. Kind, outgoing, with a beautiful smile and gentle spirit, I knew that I would love working with her and her sweet family. Moira and her husband, Steven, were referred to me by clients I’d first met in Missouri, another amazing family. I am always so appreciative and thankful for referrals … word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Those clients often feel like family right from the start.

The Lanz’s were no exception.

We met one gorgeous fall afternoon (hello, early December!) at a popular local park. Parks are always great places to hold a session, and J.F. Gregory does not dissapoint. What I love so much about this location is all the variation in background … robust green trees, water, bridges and the stunning hanging moss (always a favorite).

(Apparently there are alligators, too, but I cannot attest to that. I am, however, a little freakish about the idea of actually seeing one. Or several. One of the many reasons why I always wear my running shoes on shoots. But I digress).

Not only is this family thoughtful and friendly, but simply gorgeous!

Exhibit A.

(enter that lovely moss)

The Lanz’s 2013 Christmas card image. Fabulous!


After the “formal” Christmas card shots, we relaxed things up a bit. 😉

Love these images of mom and Baby W. Although he really wasn’t too interested in being held. At almost ten months, this little man was ready to move!


Eeep! Steven and Moira are seriously such a cute couple!


Can’t beat an image of father and son … they always tug on my heartstrings. Especially for us military families – you just never know when Dad (or mom) will be called up to deploy. These moments are precious and fleeting.


Steven & Moira, it was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me and allowing me to capture a few cherished moments in your family’s life. See you again soon!


Moira LanzApril 16, 2014 - 2:22 am

Thank YOU for capturing these beautiful images. You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Can’t wait for an excuse to get some more shots with you 😉

My 365 Project: March Top 5 | Richmond Hill Photographer


Agggh! Another tough month to narrow down. I always open all of the month’s images in Photoshop and then slowly start to close the ones that haven’t made it to the top. Once I have only 6-8 left I begin to fret … I feel torn. I want to be balanced and fair to the boys – not showcase one son more than the other, but sometimes the cards just don’t add up that way. I also struggle between images that might be more technically sound and those that have more of an emotional connection for me. I don’t want to include two images that are similar, either – I want to keep the selection fresh and interesting. What to do, what to do?

I’m proud I’ve made it through 3 full months though. There are definitely days where I truly have no interest in picking up my camera or I’m not feeling very creative or inventive. And there are days where I don’t like anything I’ve captured, but I’ve discovered that I just need to push through and keep going. There’s always tomorrow. 🙂

March’s Top 5 in no particular order.

1. First Lost Tooth


Well this one was, obviously, an easy pick. I love this kid to death and I was so excited for him! Unfortunately, the tooth is no where to be found. *Sob*. The tooth fairy still managed to find her way and leave sweet M. a little reward, tooth or no tooth. 🙂

2. Big Boy Underwear


Potty training is still commencing in this house although I feel like we are finally making some headway. Getting C. out of pull-ups and in to big boy underwear was apparently the trick. He absolutely adores Jake from Jake & the Neverland Pirates and is very concerned about “not peeing in Jake.” Whatever it takes, dear son, whatever it takes! Ahoy! 😉

3. Waiting Room


I have no idea what our parents did before the invention of the iPad, but I thank the Good Lord quite often for this useful tool. It has definitely made long car trips and waiting rooms not quite as traumatic as they used to be. My boys’ favorite iPad game is “Minion Rush” and it’s an ideal game to share … fun to play and watch! Score!

Joyfully this image was chosen as a “Weekly Favorite” over on the Giggles & Goldfish blog. So wonderful to be included again!

4. Oops!


It’s kind of a no-brainer that water and (most) cameras don’t mix. But there I was, up close and personal taking bath pictures of the boys. They were in the “big” tub and it’s kind of a rare treat. Lots of water, toys and bubbles always leads to “swimming”, slipping and splashing. That’s just what C. had done right before I snapped this picture … his sweet little self concerned about ruining mom’s camera. Adore.

And here’s where I’m STUCK!!! I have two images left open in Photoshop and only one spot left! Which do I pick?? I have one of M. and one of C., but C. has already been featured as a soloist twice this month. It’s rough. M. is in school 5 full-days a week now and C. is only in school two mornings a week so naturally I have more images of C …

How about I let YOU decide? Quickly comment below and tell me which portrait you prefer. #5 Goodnight or #6 Goatee? Why? And for the record, this bath picture was taken on a different night than C.’s – no “cheating” here! 😉

5. Goodnight


6. Goatee


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Megan Myrick Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, child and family photography in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas including but not limited to Richmond Hill and Pooler.

ConnieApril 11, 2014 - 2:55 am

I have to go with Goodnight. C looks so serious and thoughtful as he holds his pals. I can see patient love in his eyes.

Goatee is good, too, but M’s eyes are not smiling, and it looks an awful lot like First Lost Tooth.

There are my 2 cents, for what they’re worth.

adminApril 11, 2014 - 5:52 pm

I appreciate your thoughts, Connie!! I happen to agree with you, I think the mom guilt was kicking in because C. has more images this month!!! LOL!

{And Though She Be But Little …} Savannah Newborn Photographer

Megan Myrick Photography | Savannah Newborn Photographer…she is fierce.

-William Shakespeare

Always been a favorite saying of mine, and so appropriate for little girls. Madeline, Baby B.’s mom, has this same quote hanging in the nursery and I appreciate that she does. Girls should be shown, from the earliest of ages, that it’s okay to be tough, strong, assertive … yet graceful, kind and loving.

Madeline’s hubby, Chris, is also an MP (like my husband) and although we were stationed together at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, we never officially met. Madeline was a FB fan and I would often see her name pop up while “liking” or commenting on images on my page. As Army luck would have it, our families ended up being stationed together again, here at Ft. Stewart. Madeline is the first person to book with me after the move.

Thanks, Madeline. 🙂

You can see Madeline’s amazing maternity session here.

In December 2013 this lovely family welcomed Baby B. into their fold.


Baby B., like many other newborns, wasn’t entirely interested in sleeping during part of her session. When that happens it’s a beautiful thing to capture direct eye contact. Just love this image of mom and baby.



Baby B. was such an exquisitely delicate, sweet baby. And once she fell asleep, she was like putty in my hands.

This elegant image is proudly displayed in Ella’s, one of Richmond Hill’s most upscale boutiques.

It also hangs in my studio. 😉


Mom wanted soft, fresh, feminine colors for Baby B.’s session and this coral laced wrap and dainty headband were just the perfect touch.


One of my favorite prop series to date, I simply adore this image of Baby B. Soft, tender, timeless … and just look at her feet! Like little praying hands, so innocent and peaceful.


Mom & Dad, I am glad we had the chance to finally work together! Thank you for trusting me with your precious new gift.


Megan Myrick Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, child and family photography in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas including but not limited to Richmond Hill and Pooler.

{Inner Strength} Savannah Newborn Photographer


“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

-Barbara Katz Rothman

Women have been giving birth for thousands of years. Millions of children, arriving into this world with love, laughter and hope. Mothers patiently grow these small beings for 9 months, rejoicing in each kick, hiccup and rhythmic heartbeat. Babies come forth, some with a few rapid pushes and others fighting to stay sheltered within their warm cocoon. Most women’s stories are similar and routine; we reminisce over tales of contractions, nervous fathers, fear of the unknown and the indescribable relief in hearing that first beautiful, unmistakable cry. Yet despite childbirth being as natural and old as the beginning of time, it is also a pristine reminder of just how precious life truly is and how strong you really are.

I met Lauren and Drew through our cable guy (hi, Larry!). You can see Lauren’s amazing maternity session here. They are a kind, thoughtful couple. For sweet Lauren, the birth of her gorgeous son was anything but routine. It was, for her, a true testament to how your life can change in an instant and without warning. By the grace of God, a remarkable doctor and care team and Lauren’s sheer inner strength, mother and baby are alive and healthy.

Not only is Lauren, like all first time moms, learning to BE a mother, but she is recovering from her harrowing medical ordeal as well. Yet within this struggle Lauren is echoing the call of all mothers – finding her stride, beginning to recognize her son’s needs, relying on instinct to put one foot in front of the other. To me, Lauren is the embodiment of Ms. Rothman’s words … she is strong, competent, capable and building herself up with the same strength that brought her home to her family.

At almost three weeks I was able to happily welcome Lauren, Drew & Baby H. into the studio.

Such a handsome little guy with the most luscious skin.


This was the image Lauren & Drew used for their birth announcements. I adore H.’s peeking toes!




I don’t use many props because I feel like they only take away from the baby, but this gorgeous blanket made by my friend Andrea and the delicate hat were just perfect for Baby H.


Did I mention those cheeks?

I die.


One of my favorite mother/baby images ever. Lauren is so radiant.


Together at last.


Lauren & Drew, I am so blessed to have met the two of you. Your courage, strength and positive outlook have been such an inspiration. I am honored to be your photographer and can’t wait to watch Baby H. grow. He has remarkable parents to guide him on his journey.

See you soon.


Megan Myrick Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, child and family photography in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas including but not limited to Richmond Hill and Pooler.

Rebecca KingApril 3, 2014 - 5:20 am

Your pictures are fantastic! Hugo is just so cute and you captured him beautifully. He is my new little cousin – always part Aussie! Lauren has a very strong story to tell.

Thank you

adminApril 4, 2014 - 12:58 am

Thank you Rebecca! He is definitely a gorgeous baby boy!

HeatherApril 8, 2014 - 12:25 am

How great to see these after a beautiful maternity session. He looks so snuggly! Just precious. Seriously the best newborn photographer ever…lovely job.

[…] The Johnson family and I first met over 3 years ago thanks to our cable guy, Larry (true story). Drew and Lauren were happily welcoming their first baby into the world, and due to Larry’s thoughtful introduction, they chose MMP to photograph both a maternity and newborn session for them. (See Lauren’s maternity session with big brother here and big brother’s newborn session here). […]