My 365 Project : April Top 5 | Richmond Hill Child Photographer


Four months in and I can feel myself slacking a bit. I missed a couple of days and “borrowed” images from a few others. I’ll admit it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find art in the mundane and I don’t want to feel like I’m taking pictures of the same thing. I recognize I’ll have days like that, where the motivation just isn’t there, but it’s good to push the creative side. Keeps me fresh. 😉

Here are April’s Top 5, in no particular order.

1. USS Yorktown

It was hard to keep up with my 365 while on vacation. We took a family trip to Charleston over Spring Break and I think being out of the routine threw me for a bit of a loop. I got caught up in the events of each day, really wanting to just BE there and enjoy the moments. I captured a ton of “snaps” where I really wasn’t entirely interested in the technical side of things and of course they weren’t strong enough to warrant being used for the 365. While I do try to catch my kids naturally, in their environment and without much (if any) direction, I still want the images to be technically sound. That, of course, pitched most of my shots right out the window.

This image, though, I just adore.

Patriot’s Point was amazing. I think we were most excited about visiting the USS Yorktown, USS Laffey and the USS Clamagore more than any other attraction in Charleston. I imagine that has to do with our military life, but I also LOVE history and Patriot’s Point was full of it. It doesn’t take much to help remind me of the scarifies our brave men and women have made over the years in order to ensure our freedom and I was overcome several times during our time there.

The most memorable experience, for me, was on the USS Laffey. You climb inside this destroyer’s small turret to watch a gut-wrenching video on the day this ship was massively attacked during WWII. While operating off Okinawa on April 16, 1945, the Laffey was assailed by 22 Japanese bombers. Five kamikazes and three bombs struck her to kill 31 and wound 71 of the 336-man crew. The Laffey shot down 11 of the Japanese aircraft and saved the damaged ship. The heroic crew lovingly nicknamed her “The Ship That Would Not Die.”

The heat is near oppressive, the turret rattles with echoing sound and lights flash throughout the movie. I’m teary-eyed within moments but I turn to glance at M., my oldest son. He is resting his head on Dad’s shoulder, his eyes are bulging with tears and a small sigh escapes him. I realize, in that instant, that M. is finally starting to comprehend the sacrifice our Military makes on a daily basis. He is a military kid, an Army Brat, whom until that experience hadn’t been able to fathom the realities of keeping our country safe. I am instantly heartbroken for him because part of his sweet innocence is gone, but proud that he can now say The Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Army Song with more heartfelt understanding of what those words truly mean.

I love this because the ship is so awesome in its sheer massiveness. And there, hand in hand, are my three boys. Seeming small and insignificant in relationship to the aircraft carrier, they are my life. My reason for being, my reason for waking every morning. Surrounded by glorious American flags, it is almost a grand reflection of our military life. My honorable, loving, kind hearted husband, who has deployed five times in his 14 year career to defend this great nation, walking away from me towards “Uncle Sam.” Almost poetic, I suppose.


2. Silly

This image of M. just makes my heart smile. He is so much like his father; quiet, thoughtful, laid-back. People often characterize him as the “serious” one of my two children and that is definitely accurate. But M. is also insanely funny, whimsical and light-hearted. I am giddy when I capture moments like this. I adore him.


3. Golden

Ahhh, isn’t evening light just glorious? So yellow and warm, soft and airy. This image made it to the Top 5 for several reasons, light definitely being one of them. I also love the innocence of this shot, C. in just a shirt and underwear (a very common occurrence around here), lightly gripping Birdie and Raffy, the two companions he loves beyond compare. His gentle pose reminds me of his tender age, so young and full of curiosity, yet still needing the safety of home.


4. After the Storm

And here it is, the other side of M. The serious, quiet side. My old soul. I love that he is wet from the bath, but you can see a handful of raindrops on the window, like he may have just returned from an afternoon of puddle jumping. I think M. has the most gorgeous resting face, his eyes are so deep and full of emotion. Always a sucker for a good black and white, this image was an easy choice.


5. Peeking

Yup, this is totally my C. Once again, shirt, socks and underwear, climbing all over the place, checking things out. He is outgoing, boisterous, full of energy. Despite all the “bright” and “flashy” things about his personality, I love the softness and tenderness of this image. I lust after creamy, airy light like this. It just makes my heart sing.


Thanks to all of you have been so supportive of my 365 journey. I appreciate all of the “likes” on my images and the messages of joy and encouragement. It means the world to me.


{Baby G., 3 Months, In Captions} Richmond Hill Child Photographer


It’s no secret that I love, love, love my babies on a Tiny Toes Baby Plan. They grow so fast that first year and it’s exciting to document every stage of that year. First smiles, first push-ups, belly laughs, sitting up, crawling and walking … a wondrous, fabulous journey that I eagerly capture behind the lens. I also love these families because they truly become a part of mine – when you spend that much time together reveling in the awesomeness of God’s creation, how could you not?

So Baby G. is my first Georgia Tiny Toes Baby Planner and he pretty much takes the cake. Expressive and joyful even at his newborn session, I adore this kid with all my being. While selecting the images for this blog post I came to the realization that it would be best served in a collection of captions, considering the glorious array of Baby G. facial expressions.

Without further ado, the many faces of Baby G., age 3 months …

1. I’m a big boy, but there’s nothing to drink in here. *sniffle*


2. I never did get that beverage, but my finger’s pretty good.


3. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! She’s going to take my picture! YES!


4. Ok, ok, enough with the pictures already! Geesh!


5. Yup, in another box and still no beverages. But it’s ok, my photographer is funny.


6. Hey, baby. You’re still takin’ my picture, right?


Mama, you’re a joy and I always look forward to my time with your family. See you next month!



HeatherJune 27, 2014 - 11:57 pm

Such a sweet age! He’s going to be a heart-breaker…those eyes!

{Perfect Fit} Richmond Hill Family Photographer


When the contact form submission starts with, “1st off, beautiful work! You are exactly what I’m looking for in a photographer”, you know it’s going to be a perfect fit. 🙂

After sick kiddos, a dead cell phone and a munchkin who changed the language on said cell phone to Spanish, Ashley and I finally had a chance to chat. Kind and upbeat, I was immediately drawn to Ashley. She had a definite vision for her family session, but also trusted enough to let me hold the reins. With a connection through her dad, we found the most lovely location. Boasting a barn, lazy fields, wandering paths, old farm equipment and a picturesque bridge, we met one evening in early February. Although we do live in sunny Georgia, outdoor sessions in February can be tough. This gorgeous family braved the wicked wind chill and we captured some of my most favorite family images to date.

Ashley coordinated their outfits so beautifully.


Such a handsome little guy, Mr. N., and his sweet, spunky little sister, Miss. E.!


Father and son.


“A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.” -unknown

Simply stunning.


Ahhh! Just love this image! Can’t decide if I like it better in color or black and white!


Just couldn’t resist showing this image of Rob and his baby girl. Love capturing these tender, in-between moments – especially between fathers and their daughters.


This field was so fabulous, the light just perfect.

So much love here.


This is the image Rob & Ashley chose for their new canvas.

I think it’s perfect.


Rob and Ashley, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your family’s memories. Your here and right now. It was such a pleasure and I can’t wait to spend time with you again!


AshleyApril 29, 2014 - 7:56 pm

Thanks so much, Megan!! You truly were and are EXACTLY what we were looking for!! I feel blessed to have crossed your path!! You did an undeniably, beautiful job capturing our most treasured memories and I know we will enjoy them for years to come!! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fantastic family/newborn photographer! We very much enjoyed our experience and appreciate your help along the way!! Thank you again for an unforgettable experience & we look forward to next time! 🙂

AshleyApril 29, 2014 - 8:00 pm

Thanks so much, Megan!! You truly were and are EXACTLY what we were looking for!! I feel blessed to have crossed your path!! You did an undeniably, beautiful job capturing our most treasured memories and I know we will enjoy them for years to come!! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fantastic family/newborn photographer! We very much enjoyed our experience and appreciate your help along the way!! Thank you again for an unforgettable experience & we look forward to next time!!

HeatherJune 27, 2014 - 11:59 pm

Beautiful family and locations! The lighting is perfect…my favorite time of day, so pretty!! And I’m SO jealous of the Spanish Moss 😉

{Ice Princess} | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer


Hayle stopped me in the church hallway.  “I spoke with Rebecca’s sister and she said Rebecca and Adam have never had professional family pictures done.”

My heart lurched. Never had professional family pictures?

This statement always makes me sad … every family needs, no, deserves to have professional family portraits. At least once. Something grand to hang over the mantle or a smattering of 8x10s glittering a dimly lit hallway. As children grow and change, so do families. Their priorities, the language, expectations and nuances. One moment parents are changing diapers and the next they are frantically waving goodbye as their kindergartner boards the school bus for the first time. Fresh teeth emerge and baby teeth are lost only to be replaced by the first glimpses of adulthood. Moms and Dads go from gently tossing baseballs to a wide-legged, clumsy kid to cheering from the bleachers for their Varsity player until voices are numb.

So yes, at first my heart lurched. But then my heart soared because I was going to be their first professional photographer and that felt pretty amazing.

I don’t know about other photographers, but I absolutely love having “first time” clients. There is such a huge chasm of difference between a boutique photographer and a mall photography studio.  I adore introducing people to how relaxed, special and fun the boutique experience can be. And once you’ve tasted it, you’ll settle for nothing less.

But back to Adam and Rebecca. 🙂

When Taran and I first arrived in Georgia, one of our first priorities was to find a new church. We’d had fabulous ones at two of our previous duty stations and were wondering if we’d be able strike gold a third time. A mutual friend of ours told us about a small, young church that had established itself across from the YMCA. It was unlike any other church in town,our friend informed us, and we liked the sound of that.

Finding the right church on the first try is tough, but Taran and I beat the odds and instantly felt comfortable as soon we crossed the threshold. Our family was greeted immediately and welcomed into the fold. Nine months later and the Myricks still call The Waterfont Church home.

 And leading this uplifting, fun, tight-knit, friendly congregation?

Yup, you guessed it! Adam & Rebecca.

Their sweet little addition was born in January, my first newborn for 2014, on one of the coldest days in Georgia history. Precious Baby E. was quickly nicknamed “The Ice Princess” and I can’t think of a more fitting title. Baby E. was simply gorgeous, with soft delicate features and the most porcelain skin I’d seen on a baby.


The happy new family of 6. (although big brother N. was really hoping for a brother, lol).


Big brother N. may have been a bit disgruntled at first, but I think he’s pretty smitten.

Aren’t all of them just gorgeous?

And for the record, incredibly well behaved. Truly, the three of them were so, so good. Newborn sessions can be *ahem* a tad long. Especially for the sibling crowd.


You may not know this, but I buy at least one new item for each of my newborn sessions, so that every baby is the first to use something. A new blanket, wrap, headband or hat. In Baby E.’s session it just happened to be this stunning crown … fit for a princess. 🙂


Always a favorite. The profile.


I’d actually had this “ice” bucket for some time but never had the opportunity to use it.

Definitely a no-brainer and Baby E. seemed to love it, too. 😉


Adam and Rebecca, thank you for trusting me with your first ever professional photography session. I had such an amazing time working with the five of you. And thank you for creating a church that my family so easily calls home.

See you on Sunday.


Rebecca RickerApril 23, 2014 - 1:10 pm

Thank you so much Megan for your kind words. We have truely been blessed by your family. We are so grateful that your family is a part of ours with The Waterfront Church.You have a incredible talent in working with families and making the whole process relaxing. These pictures will be treasured for a lifetime.

{Fall Afternoon} | Richmond Hill Family Photographer


Moira has one of those absolute contagious personalities that you are instantly drawn to. Kind, outgoing, with a beautiful smile and gentle spirit, I knew that I would love working with her and her sweet family. Moira and her husband, Steven, were referred to me by clients I’d first met in Missouri, another amazing family. I am always so appreciative and thankful for referrals … word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Those clients often feel like family right from the start.

The Lanz’s were no exception.

We met one gorgeous fall afternoon (hello, early December!) at a popular local park. Parks are always great places to hold a session, and J.F. Gregory does not dissapoint. What I love so much about this location is all the variation in background … robust green trees, water, bridges and the stunning hanging moss (always a favorite).

(Apparently there are alligators, too, but I cannot attest to that. I am, however, a little freakish about the idea of actually seeing one. Or several. One of the many reasons why I always wear my running shoes on shoots. But I digress).

Not only is this family thoughtful and friendly, but simply gorgeous!

Exhibit A.

(enter that lovely moss)

The Lanz’s 2013 Christmas card image. Fabulous!


After the “formal” Christmas card shots, we relaxed things up a bit. 😉

Love these images of mom and Baby W. Although he really wasn’t too interested in being held. At almost ten months, this little man was ready to move!


Eeep! Steven and Moira are seriously such a cute couple!


Can’t beat an image of father and son … they always tug on my heartstrings. Especially for us military families – you just never know when Dad (or mom) will be called up to deploy. These moments are precious and fleeting.


Steven & Moira, it was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me and allowing me to capture a few cherished moments in your family’s life. See you again soon!


Moira LanzApril 16, 2014 - 2:22 am

Thank YOU for capturing these beautiful images. You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Can’t wait for an excuse to get some more shots with you 😉