Baby Boy Evans | Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer

When I received the message from Callie letting me know she was pregnant again, I truly couldn’t contain my excitement. I’d photographed their first baby, a girl, a couple of years prior. (See her session here.) It’s an honor and privilege when clients return. We work hard here at MMP to gain trust and create a client experience that is too amazing to pass up!

The Evans family are genuine, kind-hearted people with a gentleness about them that is hard to resist. They also have a wonderful sense of humor and our sessions together always fly by. The conversation is easy, the laughs overflow, and my heart always feels fuller after being with them.

So clearly I’m a fan of the Evans’. But I haven’t mentioned how stinkin’ gorgeous these people are! In all seriousness, the camera loves them. I’m fairly certain not a one could take a bad picture … which I only tell you because of the incredible image overload I’m about to share. But I can’t help myself.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

Big Sister was SO proud and her smile … well, it’s contagious.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

Gorgeous Callie, motherhood looks so good on you.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

Gah! What is it about dad and baby images? They get me EVERY time. And Baby P.’s smile? Shut the front door.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

Speaking of dad, Tyler is a huge football fan. I definitely don’t mean little, I mean HUGE. And I love that he brought back the same jerseys we used for little Miss C.’s session. Classic.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|
(Although Tyler did bring a new one to Baby P.’s session)

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

Such a love bug.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|
I distinctly remember Baby P. doing so well that we were able to do a few extra setups. He slept like a champ.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|

This one, though … definitely a favorite! Isn’t he just the cutest? This is an image mom and dad bought big for their wall. I certainly didn’t blame them.

Richmond Hill, GA Newborn Photographer|Megan Myrick Photography|
 Tyler & Callie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for trusting me to capture the two most precious things in your life. Thank you for your loyalty, your friendship, and for being part of our MMP family.


Why Your Photographer Loves What They Do | Georgia Photographer

If you have ever wondered what spurs on a photographer’s passion, you are about to find out! Below are just some of the many reasons why I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the world.

Photography changes how you see things. You notice colors, textures, flowers, trees, people, shapes and light in a way most people never see them, like Baby Ava’s sweet toes.

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography
You pay more attention to the beauty around you. Even the most mundane object can become beautiful when you photograph it in a creative way. Many photographers love their job because they develop a fascination with the world around them by viewing it through new eyes. For example, the below image is of my youngest son, taken 3 years ago during a personal endeavor, Project 365. The way the light was falling across his face immediately caught my eye. While playing with legos may not be inherently beautiful, this moment most certainly was.

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography
It’s an amazing creative outlet. You get the chance to put a little bit of who you are into each photo that you take. Anyone can click a camera’s buttons but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life.

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

It’s a challenge. Creating amazing photos that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and imagination. There is always something new to explore and a new way to take the same photos. It’s definitely a job that never gets boring.

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography
You get to meet new people all the time. I am fortunate enough to work with people from all walks of life. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing individual personalities through in a photo. It also makes my job a lot more fun!

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography
The flexibility is great. Being a full time photographer means I am able to work my own hours, which is imperative with two little boys. This doesn’t mean it’s a laid back profession though. A photographer is always aiming to perfect their craft, take on new challenges, and help their clients achieve the perfect images.

Georgia Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

When you decide to pay for me or another professional photographer, know that you are hiring an individual who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to help you create beautiful imagery that you will treasure forever.

How about you? What in your life are you passionate about?

February 2018 Newsletter | Richmond Hill, GA Photographer

Hello 2018!

Your February newsletter is arriving just in time, unlike December & January’s newsletters. While it may have appeared I took those two months completely off, nothing could be further from the truth. We wrapped up November with 40 (that’s right, forty) Santa sessions and December saw a maternity session, studio family session, two newborns, a headshot session and a milestone before closing up the studio for some well-deserved R & R … whew!

Now that the busy-ness of the holidays has passed, it feels good to return to writing the monthly newsletter.

As mentioned, we topped Santa of 2016 with a total of forty Santa Experience sessions in 2017. And while we more than doubled the amount from the year prior (which was amazing), it was also a huge learning opportunity for MMP. I am genuinely thankful for all the feedback and have already been brainstorming ways to make the experience even better for you, including viewing your images immediately after your session and additional package pickup days/options. It isn’t just “talk” when we say that customer service is our #1 priority. Here are a few images from the incredible 3-day event.

*Warning … image heavy.* (unapologetic)

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|
Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

January saw me traveling to Nashville, TN to Imaging USA, the world’s largest annual photography convention and expo. I travel and room with 3 other photographers who have become among my closest friends. In addition to top-notch photography training and expo, I was able to see my two winning images, Golden Oldie & Reflections of Love, from last year’s International Print Competition. Please excuse the cell-phone snaps. 🙂

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

Mark your calendars!

 3rd Annual Love Your Pet Event – February 24 (SOLD OUT)

 Limited Edition Easter Sessions -March 10

 Tiny Clicks  – March 18

 Mommy & Me – April 28

 The Business of Newborns & The Business of Maternity (PPA classes) – May 17 & 18

 Tea with a Princess Sessions – June (exact date TBD)

Back 2 School Portrait Event – September 8

 Limited Edition Halloween Sessions – October 13

 Santa Experience – November 16-18

For the past several years I have enjoyed creating custom valentines for my two boys to pass out at school. From unique coloring pages to fun props, M. & C. have loved sharing valentines with their picture. Here is a set we did two years ago:

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

Santa Experience|Megan Myrick Photography|

I’ve rounded a few of my favorite custom valentine ideas on Pinterest. Take a look!

“School” of Fish

You Color My World

Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day

I Like You Beary Much

I Like You S’more Every Day

Scrabble Valentine

Which one is your favorite? I’ll be sure to share with you next month what the boys and I came up with for this year. 🙂

This was my weekly quote last week and it’s definitely a favorite. Hope it inspires you, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! If I don’t see you at our Pet Event this month, hopefully I’ll see you soon!



How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer | Richmond Hill, GA Photographer

These days, it seems like professional photographers are a dime a dozen. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve told someone I’m a professional photographer only to hear, “Oh! My Aunt Linda/Uncle Bob/Cousin Fred/neighbor/friend is a photographer too!” Google “(your area) photographer” and find yourself inundated with literally pages of possible choices. Ask for photographer suggestions on online yardsale sites? Oy vey.

I might be dating myself here, but photographers nowadays truly remind me of the old 7-11 stores. Do you remember those? Yup, you’d find one on every corner.

So what is an inquiring client to do?

What style are you looking for?

Photographers have different styles so you need to decide on someone who can help you achieve the end result you are wanting. This applies to everything from wedding and maternity shoots to family and corporate sessions. Check out a photographer’s website and social media accounts for examples of their latest work to evaluate whether they can cater to your needs.

Richmond Hill, GA Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

Research and review.

Before you invest in a professional photographer you need to do your homework. Get online to find a few customer reviews, browse around their website to view their latest work and have a look at their social media pages to find out what others are saying about them. These platforms will also give you a good idea of their personality and style. Some other important points to consider when researching photographers are:

  1. Expertise. Are they experienced enough to give you the results you are looking for?
  2. Location. Are they based in your area and are they willing to travel to a specific location if need be?
  3. Quality. Is the quality of their photos good enough? Look at aspects such as sharpness, exposure and saturation.
  4. Personality. Is this photographer someone you generally like? Are they an outstanding member of their community?
  5. Legality. Is this photographer a legal business? Does this photographer carry insurance?
  6. Budget. Lastly, do their services fall within your price range?

Richmond Hill, GA Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

Create a short list.

Once you have done your research, create a short list of professional photographers that stand out for you. Get in touch with each of them to discuss your needs and to ask any questions that you might have. It’s important that you speak with the photographer over the phone, if not in person, as this is the best way to get to know them and find out whether you’ll be able to have a working relationship. Feeling uncomfortable or stressed out around your photographer makes for bad images. Here at MMP, we ask all of our potential clients to come visit the studio and chat for a quick pre-session consultation. This consultation thoroughly introduces you to our brand and our products and pricing, allows you to select any wardrobe or props you’d like to utilize during your session, and confirms whether or not we are a good fit together. It is our goal at MMP to not be your photographer for just a season, but for a lifetime.

It’s important that you pick a photographer that you have confidence in. Your photos will last a lifetime so while there is nothing wrong with helping out your photographer friend who has just started out (we’ve all been there), it is best to choose an experienced photographer for important events and occasions that you can’t relive.

Richmond Hill, GA Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

Hopefully these suggestions will help you narrow down your photographer list. Of course, we’d absolutely LOVE for you to choose MMP! Give us a try. Reach out and we will meet up. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.


3rd Annual Love Your Pet Event

February is upon us and how do we here at MMP celebrate the month of love?

With pets, of course!

We are pleased to announce our 3rd annual Love your Pet Event! The past two years we have supported One Love Animal Rescue out of Savannah, raising almost $1000 for them. This year we are donating to our own Bryan County Bark Park.

(Please scroll below the image to sign up for our fundraising event!)

The Bryan County Bark Park was founded in 2012 as an IRS approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Georgia. Phase One of the dog park was opened in November 2014.  In February 2016 the Bark Park was able to clear the last of the $70,000 construction debt thanks to their hard working board, generous donors and tremendous community support. The Bark Park is delighted to have realized our community’s dream of a facility where dogs can run free and off leash.  However, they still have some large maintenance and drainage projects to complete so remain grateful for ongoing support.

3rd Annual Love your Pet Event| Megan Myrick Photography|


Please click here to learn more about the Bryan County Bark Park.

Here are the details about the 3rd annual Love your Pet Event!

When? Saturday, February 24th from 9:00 – 2:00

Where? MMP’s RH studio, 128 Frances Meeks Way, Suite 3 in Richmond Hill

What is included? Session fee includes a 15-20 minute session for one pet ($10 per additional), an online gallery, and a treat for your favorite companion! Portraits are a separate purchase and collections begin at $25. Please note that all session fees and 10% of each collection purchased will be donated to Bryan County’s Bark Park.

Are multiple pets allowed? Yes! Your $25 session fee includes one pet. Please let us know if you will be bringing more than one, each additional is $10. All session fees will be donated to the Bark Park. If you would like more time, please purchase two time slots.

What do I need to bring? Yourself, your pet (of course), your pet’s favorite treat/snack/lovey. If your pet is a fashionista, feel free to bring an accessory or two. In addition, all dogs must be on a leash.

Fine print? For the safety of all involved, your pet must be up to date on all vaccinations, be able to follow basic voice commands (sit, stay), be fully house trained, and friendly around all other people and animals. The only exception allowed is for puppies who are still learning voice commands and working on house training.

How should I prepare for my pet’s session? Please consider having your pet groomed a day or two before the session – don’t forget to clip those toenails! Remember that a tired pet is a happy pet, so please walk, run, or play with your pet about 30 minutes before the session. While I do ask all owners to bring their pet’s favorite treat, they will be used as a last resort to capture your pet’s attention. With that in mind, please do not feed your pet within an hour of their scheduled shoot.

How do I sign up for the fun? Click here to reserve your booking!

“If having a soul means being able to feel love, and loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” (James Herriot)

Images from past events:

3rd Annual Love your Pet Event| Megan Myrick Photography|

3rd Annual Love your Pet Event| Megan Myrick Photography|

3rd Annual Love your Pet Event| Megan Myrick Photography|

3rd Annual Love your Pet Event| Megan Myrick Photography|

Hope to see you there!