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Tiny Clicks [Photography for Moms]

I get it....

As a busy mom, adding just one more thing to your plate seems impossible.

Trust me, I know that trying to learn something new can be frustrating + exhausting.

I remember late nights nursing my infant son soaking up all the knowledge I could via YouTube and online photography forums. There was SO much information to go through and it was incredibly difficult being a mom to two little boys and trying to learn how to use my “fancy” camera.

Hold your hand up if one (or more) of these has kept your expensive camera in the corner, collecting dust:


“Include a one-line highlight above and follow through with the full review here. Reviews and testimonials are a great way to build trust in your product or course.”

- Elise


I will show you what pages to read in your camera manual … it’s not as many as you think!

Let’s face it, motherhood is busy! I’ll show you how to carve out time so your camera skills get better, stat!

This course breaks down all the “techy” talk … f/stop, shutter speed, ISO … so that you can get to the part you love  – photographing your kids!

Got littles that have better things to do than be your muse? No problem, I’ve got you covered!



Tiny Clicks [Photography for Moms]

Tiny Clicks is THE course for moms who want to learn to how to use their DSLR camera quickly, confidently, effectively, and most importantly, STRESS FREE. 

PDF Guide Contents:


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Yes, gear is important, but it is more about knowing how to use what you’ve got! We will go over the must-haves (and some cool ideas for your wish list).

  • Camera body
  • Lenses
  • Flash


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What You Really Need to Read in Your Camera Manual

Just between you and me, I haven’t read the whole camera manual either. Let me show you exactly which pages you need to earmark.



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Semi-Auto Modes

The semi-auto modes are there for a reason; and yes, even some pro photographers use them! I’ll show you!


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Manual Mode (Peace out, Auto!)

This is what you signed up for! We will dig deep into exploring how to use your camera on manual mode which means learning the (drumroll) Exposure Triangle … don’t freak out!! It’s not as hard as it sounds.


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Shooting Outdoors & Indoors

There are differences to shooting outdoors and indoors, but once you learn the basics you’ll never be scared of either!

Bonus Content:

Bonus 1

White Balance

Kids looking oompa-loompa orange or smurf blue? I've got you covered!

Bonus 2


How subjects are placed within the frame can really take an image from "nice" to frame worthy!

Bonus 3

No Willing Models?

Do the kids go running as soon as they see your camera? We've all been there, I've got suggestions!

Meet the Instructor

I'm Megan, mom to 2 rambunctious boys, married to my retired Army hubby, and a dog mom to 3 spoiled fur-babies. I'm a recovering perfectionist who loves graphic tees, trucker hats, and making s'mores in the microwave. There's always a stack of books on my nightstand and about 50 random items in my Amazon cart.


Years in Business

Been rocking my business (and manual mode) since 2011


Children photographed

After spending 12 years as a teacher and 10 years as a portrait photographer, I know kids!


Cookies per day

If not cookies, then cake, candy, chocolate ... you get the drift.

Tiny Clicks [Photography for Moms]

If you’re ready to dust off your “big girl” camera and start taking frame-worthy picture of your children, this downloadable PDF is for you!