Negative Space is Positive | Richmond Hill Photographer

If you have any experience in the field of art, you might be familiar with the term negative space.  Negative space is all the space that surrounds the subject (the positive space), and when taking pictures you can use it to help bring more attention to your subject.

When taking snapshots, most people simply have their subject in the middle of the frame.  This is one way to focus on the subject.  But why not increase the negative space to actually draw the eye to the subject even more?   In the picture shown, the negative space is clean and uncluttered so the eye is quickly drawn to dad and baby.  This example shows how the negative space highlights the positive space (dad and baby), ultimately keeping the focus on the subject. 

To get the best use of your negative space, be sure it is clean and uncluttered.  Also, play with the placement and size of your subject within the frame of your picture.  You’ll be surprised at the many different looks you can create!

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